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Aristata Press launches Anne McClard's Captivating Debut Novel: Butterfly Dreams

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Butterfly Dreams
Set against the alluring backdrop of the Azores Islands, this compelling tale of love, sacrifice, and cultural exploration is available online and in select brick and mortar stores.

PORTLAND, Ore. - s4story -- BUTTERFLY DREAMS follows Grace McGuiver, a budding anthropologist who arrives in the Azores Islands to conduct her dissertation research on the annual festival cycle. Little does she know that her arrival will set into motion a series of deadly events that will challenge her emotionally and professionally. Ill-equipped to deal with the patriarchal culture in which she finds herself, and facing unknown foes, she discovers the power of gossip, superstition, and religious fervor.  In her quest to unravel the island's secrets she forges unexpected friendships and finds the person who could turn out to be the love of her life.

ANNE MCCLARD holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Brown University. Butterfly Dreams is her first novel, inspired by research done in the Azores for her doctoral dissertation.

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Praise for Butterfly Dreams:

Lisa Kusel, author of The Widow On Dwyer Court, raves "Anne McClard weaves a mesmerizing tale of love, sacrifice, and cultural exploration in Butterfly Dreams. Set amidst the enchanting backdrop of the Azores Islands, where tradition and mystery collide, an anthropologist studying festivals finds herself entangled in a web of accusations and superstitions. Prepare to be captivated by a story that blends ancient folklore, personal resilience, and the fight for truth."

Bruce Campbell, award-winning author and co-author of This Rough Magic: at Home on the Columbia Slough, praises Butterfly Dreams, saying, "Butterfly Dreams occurs on an Atlantic isle where three oceanic plates collide, providing an energetic setting for Anne McClard's astonishing novel of transformation, hope, dreams, and magic. Grace McGuiver is a young American woman living on São Jorge, an island in the Azores approximately eight-hundred miles west of Portugal. Struggling to complete her ethnographic field work, Grace incorporates São Jorge's chaotic geology of earthquakes and volcanoes into body, mind, and spirit as she copes with local culture, confronts the bedevilments of ancient superstitions, and grapples with her complicated love life."

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Butterfly Dreams is available for purchase online and at select brick and mortar stores.

For more information, review copies, or media inquiries, please contact Aristata Press.

To book Anne McClard for a book group, interview, or other event, visit: https://butterflydreams.mcclard.com/booking-inquiries/

About Aristata Press:
Aristata Press (https://aristatapress.com) is a women-run non-profit press. We are a tax exempt–501(c)(3)–organization (EIN 92-0281706). Contributions we receive go directly to publishing literary works by authors that for one reason or another would be unlikely to find a home in the for-profit publishing sector.

Aristata Press

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