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Author Carolyn Cecil's "Holy Spirit at Work: Children's Version" book launches

ROANOKE, Va. - Sept. 19, 2017 - s4story -- Next Century Publishing (http://nextcenturypublishing.com/) is pleased to announce the new book 'Holy Spirit at work: Children's Version' written Carolyn Cecil.

As a US Army soldier's daughter, Carolyn traveled to faraway places and developed a love of world geography. When the family came home to their Virginia farm, she cultivated a love of the good earth and all it could produce. Growing up in the church gave her a love of the Word. After graduating from college, getting married, raising two daughters, and teaching school for 37 years, she retired and turned this love into six children's stories and curriculum to equip Christians.

'Holy Spirit at Work: Children's Version" addresses how Jesus made a promise that the Comforter would come. The Comforter is the Holy Spirit and He has come. The Holy Spirit is not some invisible force. He is not an event, a presence, or just a heavenly power. The Holy Spirit is not a wind, a cloud, a vapor, a rain, a dove, or an oil, although all those things have been used to represent Him. The Holy Spirit is not an experience, an encounter, or just a power. The Holy Spirit is a person. He is the third person of the triune Godhead, and every single Christian can know Him and be empowered by Him.

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From the first days of creation to the answer to the prayer you prayed last night, the Holy Spirit does the work down here on earth. Who touches the heart of the seeker? Who helps the young scholar learn the Word? Who inspires the minstrel to compose a new melody? Who stirs the psalmist to pen a song of praise? Who inspires the author to write the manuscript?

Every believer, no matter what age, can be introduced to the Holy Spirit and be empowered to change the world for good. A person's true destiny can only be achieved with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. It is never too early to introduce young children, middlers, or teens to the Holy Spirit. This book is a whimsical and simple introduction that everyone can understand. The Holy Spirit wants to be your best friend, teacher, comforter, and guide.

About Next Century Publishing (http://nextcenturypublishing.com/) (NCP): NCP is a world leader in book publishing, marketing, and providing authors with the best platform for success.

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Source: Carolyn Cecil

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