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Author Stephen Kunkler releases Egyptian Mythology based book "Amun Moon"

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The melody of war - the God of light against the god of life!

COLUMBUS, Ohio - s4story -- Author Stephen Kunkler offers a creative and unique look into a time long passed in his newest release, Amun Moon.  Based on Ancient Egyptian mythology, this novella is a re-imagining of both the story of Osiris versus Set, and many aspects of one of the oldest belief systems in the world.

"I am the incarnate of innocence twice turned; the harbinger of oblivion to those who stand in my way.... yes, even to the gods!"

Osiris seeks revenge against Amun-Ra, but what he doesn't know is that a much more sinister threat lies in wait, ready to drag the living world - and the resting one - into oblivion. A test befitting a god, or an errand for the unwise? Only time will tell. However, one thing is certain - a one thousand year old god still has a lot to learn!

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Stephen Kunkler has been a worldwide-published author since 2017 and has written several books focused around myths and religion. He best known for incorporating and infusing thought-provoking ideas into his works, which will make you question perceived realities and seek answers to the state of existence. To find out more about this author, visit the his website at https://stephenkunkler.wixsite.com/authorpage or to purchase this book, visit https://amzn.to/2OQgJXe

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