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EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - s4story -- We can all be better one way or another. Anybody who thinks otherwise is fighting a losing battle. When I got into the car business many years ago selling cars, the first thing I was taught was to stay green. In pretty much any sales industry, somebody who is just getting into an industry is called a 'green pea' and the advice given to me was to stay green, meaning to always be learning.

When you're just starting out as a 'green pea', you're in the learning phase. The issue with many sales industries is that egos get in the way and people start to think their shit doesn't stink. Those are the ones that get spun out first and forget how to ground themselves and usually end up having to fight the hardest to meet expectations. They will have good sales one month and get cocky again then the following month go back to being at the bottom of board. These are the folks that have zero consistency and usually either burn out or think the grass is greener elsewhere and jump dealership to dealership. Staying green allows you to consistently grow and become better through experience. You will win some months and lose other months but you're staying in your lane and growing a little at a time. Your ebbs and flows become more balance the more you learn and the longer you stay with it.

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Everyday when you get up, set goals for yourself. Whether it's sales goals or personal goals. Always find ways to make yourself better. When I was in the mortgage business, I was always #1 in the company not because I was any better than anybody else, but because I set higher expectations for myself and went the extra mile. I have talked about this in many of my other books. I would arrive at work a few minutes early each day and would look at where the top performer was for the day and break their numbers into how many hours they were on shift. I would then double that number and break that into what I needed to accomplish per minute. If I fell short, I was still always better than whoever was in the top spot. It wasn't my ego I was fuelling, though it did feel good to win. I wanted the month-end bonuses they offered to the top performer each month. Whichever sales person was #1 would end up getting something like $2000 extra on their check at the end of month. Every month I worked for that company, I would get my bonus.

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