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Beyond The Bamboo Curtain: Understanding America's Invisible Minority Released by Wordeee

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Dr. Michael Soon Lee's masterfully woven memoir gives deeper understanding into Asian American cultural identity.

NEW YORK - s4story -- Beyond The Bamboo Curtain: Understanding America's Invisible Minority is a masterfully woven memoir integrating well-documented facts that give deeper understanding into Asian American cultural identity. Michael Soon Lee powerfully reveals how he overcame prejudice and discrimination to become the man he is today. Shedding light on the diverse Asian American experience mostly absent from history books and the media…or distorted by stereotypes such as the myth of the "model minority." Beyond The Bamboo Curtain illuminates the many facets of Asian American culture and strives to reduce violence and anti-Asian sentiment. This essential work a must read for all those seeking to understand and shed hidden prejudices toward Asian Americans.

"Wordeee is proud to have published Beyond The Bamboo Curtain, an honest and enlightening examination of the Asian American experience. Dr. Lee's personal reflections are eye-opening, and his well-researched data is impactful," stated Patrice Samara, COO of Wordeee.

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Michael Soon Lee, Ph.D. is a fifth-generation Chinese American whose ancestors survived the 7,000-mile trip from China aboard a rickety old sailing ship in 1858. A movie actor and producer, university dean, and award-winning real estate broker, he has had to sue for the rights that most people take for granted.  He is the author of ten books on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion including "Cross-Cultural Selling for Dummies," "Black Belt Negotiating." His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, and Consumer Reports. An internationally recognized DEI professional speaker, he has shared his story over 1,000 times with companies such as Coca-Cola, Chevron, Boeing State Farm Insurance and General Motors as well as universities around the world. He was dean of the School of Management at John F. Kennedy University and served as an adjunct faculty member for Golden Gate University for over 20 years and has been recognized as one of the Top5 Diversity Speakers in America.

Available on http://www.wordeee.com and wherever books are sold.

Patrice Samara, COO

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