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Black History Month: Black Writer Making History With His Progressive Novels

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His creative writing style has us on edge daily, waiting for the next installment of each book.

CHICAGO - Feb. 12, 2019 - s4story -- After just 3 weeks of "Progressive novels", we sit on the edge of our seat each week waiting to read more. The different styles of books helps us to stay interested in what may be coming next and oh what about those cliffhangers? Every week we are tuning in anxiously to learn about our favorite characters. Each story has characters that you just simply fall in love with and their stories have just begun. We got a chance to catch up with Jacques' who created https://www.UltimateClubbers.com and he gave us a bit of insight into what we can expect next. First we asked what we could expect from to be coming next.

"Well, I have each season going to last roughly 10 to 13 episodes depending on the story that needs to be told. I do have other books, a mobile app and upgrades to the website coming within the next few years so I have been working hard to get everything working seamlessly for my readers."

We asked about the creative process he goes through in order to create the books and where the ideas come from.

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"I really don't have a process so to speak. If I sit down to write then the words usually just come to me. If the words don't come I just come back to it an hour later after I've researched something from a previous chapter or I will simply just switch books and write something different. Once I get all the way into the mood of writing it is almost unstoppable."

Lastly, we asked for some spoilers for what's to come ahead.

"Well, I won't give any spoilers. For Life Unrefined I already have 2 spin-offs which are Zack's love interest Amy and the Detective working the case of Zack's death.The plan is to have a few more spin-offs because there are a couple of characters Zack meets that people will surely be interested in. For the other books, not too many spin-offs but they are coming along good and I think that the readers will start to go deeper into their stories with this 4th installment of all of the books. I am looking to get other writers and their work onto my site too, I want to offer them a space to be as creative as they want without the influence of publishers."

After our talk I am even more excited to read more of what Jacques' has to offer. The fourth installment of the books should be giving everyone more depth to all of the characters which makes them easier to relate to. Not only is Black History being made, but History is being made by a Black Man.

Read more at https://www.ultimateclubbers.com

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