Blu Digital Releases First Interactive Cloud-based Automation Platform for Media Quality Control

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BluQC™ sets new quality control standard with fully cloud-based interactive and automated solution

LOS ANGELES - s4story -- Blu Digital Group, Inc., a leading media and entertainment industry digital media services and software supply chain company, has launched BluQC™, an industry first, cloud-based interactive QC solution with automation technology. The solution significantly enhances how organizations conduct automated and manual reviews of media file packages, such as linguistic and technical checks on video and localized audio and subtitles. BluQC™ is offered as a complete cloud-based workflow environment through its enhanced proprietary interactive video player. Coupled with BluConductor (™, users are equipped with extended capabilities such as scheduling, assigning, version control, and API integrations.

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BluQC™ empowers operations teams to review media files fully in the cloud with DRM security, frame-accurate controls, and automated checks. This complete interactive environment also incorporates automated technical analysis of video, audio, and subtitle files without any human interaction. Results can be reviewed within the BluQC™ online interactive UI using features such as 'click-to-timecode', which takes users directly to the frame accurate location of the reported issue, along with the proper audio and subtitle language components automatically loaded.

BluQC™ also allows users to playback streaming video within a dual, triple, or quad-player view for a fully in-sync review of multiple subtitle files. This allows users to toggle between audio and subtitle components in real time.

With its integration into BluConductor™, users can access BluQC™ and provide feedback, approvals/rejections, assignments, etc., based on individual user permissions, giving a full workflow and orchestration solution for quality control checks of media. Research through use cases has shown increased workflow efficiencies by over 150% and decreased costs by 77%.

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"Media operations teams have unique needs that standard off-the-shelf systems don't address," said George Rausch, Chief Product Officer, Blu Digital Group, "Many software run automated QC checks, and even more tools that generate QC reports. But BluQC™ is the first solution that combines project management, QC reporting, enhanced media playback, and automation into one fully secure system, and completely in the cloud."

Blu Digital Group will demonstrate its full digital media distribution software suite at NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 16 – 19, 2023. To book an appointment, contact

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