Bulletproof Backpack In High Demand

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NEW YORK - April 1, 2018 - s4story -- Bulletproof Backpack In High Demand

Florida School Shooting Aftermath, Bulletproof Backpack in High Demand

There has been a run on bulletproof backpacks (http://fedlan.com/bag) in the aftermath of the slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School .

FeDlan.com sells the MarFol Bulletproof Backpack (http://fedlan.com/bag) for anywhere between $129 and $169.  The company sold 700 of the bags Thursday, a 30% spike in regular sales since the shooting.


The company's owner, Ben Emos (http://fedlan.com/bag), tells us the majority of the backpacks sold this week are headed to Florida.

The item is made with a Kevlar lining and weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.

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Ben's company sells a bunch of bulletproof gear on a regular basis, but he says Thursday, backpacks were at the top of his sales list, and most of those sales were in Florida.

The company also sells safety and security products, like like clearsight night driving glasses (http://fedlan.com/) and Epalab geigers (http://fedlan.com/geiger).

Measuring 19 inches in height, this bulletproof backpack is ideal for youth, college students, travelers and professionals alike. Protected with lightweight armor, the backpack weighs only ounces more than a non-protected backpack. The MarFol Bulletproof backpack Smart 2 with charging bank comes with Enhanced Comfort Padding, allowing you to wear the backpack with ease, supporting heavy loads with added padding on your back and shoulders.

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Included are several organizational compartments, including a tablet/laptop holder and auxiliary cord connection so you can listen to music directly from inside your backpack or use hands-free headphones for ultimate convenience and entertainment.  Be protected, be prepared with the best, most improved bulletproof backpack in the industry, the MarFol Bulletproof backpack Smart 2 with charging bank.


   Multimedia Bulletproof backpack
   Tested and certified against .44 magnum and .9 milimeters

  Built-in auxiliary port

  Enhanced comfort padding

  Sturdy reinforced handle

  Stronger padding with added stitchings

  Built in auxiliary out port from backpack strap

  outer pocket for phones, and other personal items

  20 + organizational panels

  Measurements (LxWxH): 14" x 11" x 20.5"

  Shipping  Ships within 4-6 weeks.

A sign of the times.


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