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Canadian Actor Deb McGrath Lends Voice to Transgender Issues

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Deb McGrath writes a personal story of love about her transgender daughter for just-released anthology Brainstorm Revolution

TORONTO - Dec. 7, 2018 - s4story -- During a turbulent time, love and acceptance can go a long way. At least that is the theme of comedian Deb McGrath's short story "Mother-Daughter Dresses." The poignant yet funny account chronicles her perspective of when she and husband Colin Mochrie (from Whose Line Is It Anyway? fame) learned that their child was transgender.

The very personal account about her relationship with McGrath's daughter Kinley is one story pertaining to the larger theme of mental health in Wintertickle Press's newest release Brainstorm Revolution. "This book is unique," says editor Heather Down. "There isn't anything out there quite like it stylistically or content-wise. The stories are written in first-person present tense and feel like a slice-of-life conversation." Writer Teresa Hedley adds: "I felt two things I didn't know I could feel at the same time—weighted and buoyed. The collection takes you in both directions. And in the end, I felt changed, enlightened. Like I had walked in naive and come out of it wiser and inspired."

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But McGrath's story isn't the only glimpse into transgender issues in this book. Christine Newman, long-time transgender activist, university guest lecturer, and board member of the National Women in Law Enforcement Association wrote "Whaddaya Say We," a very tender glimpse into how important support systems and family can be for transgender individuals. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the rate of suicide for transgender teens whose families have rejected them is 58%, whereas the rate for those with a supportive family are 4%.

Newman continues to work for change. "For LGBTQ2S-identified people, they face the dual stigma of their identity plus their mental health status. Now is the time to change that. Anyone who reads Brainstorm Revolution can keep the conversation going to eliminate the stigma around mental health."

The book is divided into three chapters: Love, Evolution, and Revolution. Love features stories of acceptance and kindness. Evolution is a chapter about personal turning points and shifts of perspective. Revolution shares stories of change-makers who influence our society as a whole.

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Although these topics may seem heavy, the book focusses on positive change and growth, leaving the reader with a strong sense of optimism and hope.

The book is currently available through Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, and select independent bookstores.

Title: Brainstorm Revolution: True Mental Health Stories of Love, Personal Evolution, and Cultural Revolution
Authors: Heather Down, Natalie Harris, Courtney Taylor et. al.
Publisher: Wintertickle Press
Format/Trim Size: Softcover 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 978-1-894813-95-2
Price: $25.95 CND

For more information on Brainstorm Revolution or to book a media appearance please contact:

Heather Down

Source: Wintertickle Press
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