Claudie Speaks - STIRRINGS: A Weekly Digital Journal to Unlock Inner Strength

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Curated for Mature Women, Journal Preparing for Release This Week

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - s4story -- E. Claudette Freeman, a celebrated Literary Artist and Publisher, announces the launch of "Claudie Speaks – STIRRINGS", a transformative digital journaling experience for women over 40. This unique 7-day journal series focuses on a single theme each week, offering daily prompts delivered in Claudie's warm, life coaching, best girlfriend style. STIRRINGS takes off Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 8:00 am in the company's PayHip digital store.

Claudie's journey has been marked by profound experiences—she has lived, loved, faced heartache, and battled devastating medical diagnoses. As the face and personality of mature woman wisdom, Claudie now shares her insights as the self-appointed president of the "Let me tell all my business to help you get your stuff together" committee. Her wisdom is at the heart of each edition of STIRRINGS.

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Journaling allows individuals to process their deepest feelings, promoting emotional healing and self-discovery. "Claudie Speaks – STIRRINGS" leverages this power, guiding women through thoughtful prompts that encourage them to delve into their innermost thoughts and emotions. STIRRINGS offers a refreshing approach to journaling. There is no long-term subscription or commitment. Each 7-day digital journal centers on one theme, enabling women to immerse themselves fully in the topic at hand. This format ensures a focused and meaningful journaling experience.

Every edition of STIRRINGS begins with Claudie stirring the pot, introducing the week's theme with her characteristic warmth and insight. These themes are thoughtfully chosen to reflect the specific pains and life experiences of women over 40. From overcoming adversity to finding joy, each theme is a gateway to personal growth and reflection.

Claudie's daily prompts are designed to invite deep reflection and emotional exploration. Each day, the STIRRINGS digital journal encourages participants to sit down and engage with their heart, soul, and spirit. Claudie's wonderful wisdom guides each prompt, helping women uncover their true selves and gain strength from their experiences.

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Engaging in daily journaling with STIRRINGS offers numerous psychological and emotional benefits. Writing about one's deepest feelings can reduce stress, enhance emotional clarity, and foster a sense of inner peace. Claudie's prompts are crafted to help women navigate their emotions and build resilience.

For more information and to start your journey with STIRRINGS, please join women across the country for grabbing the first editions at the company's PayHip digital store or contact us at to get the link sent directly to you.

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