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"A Cyborg's Progress." This month's feature at HeartOfEarthSciFi.Com

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NEW YORK - s4story -- What's new at HeartOfEarthSciFi.Com? This month, the featured scifi series is "A Cyborg's Progress." It's the story of 17Kevin37, Regional Enforcer for the Epsilon Eridani Sector. In this far-future adventure, a decorated member of the WorldUnion Integrity Force is brought up on charges, when a chip malfunction leads him to an act of empathy — a clear breach of protocol.

After a pro forma legal hearing, his cyborg implants are deactivated and he's packed off to a rehabilitation center to await a promised technology upgrade. Alone with his five senses for the first time in centuries, he must rebuild his relationship with the universe. Soon his perspective shifts and he eventually finds acceptance among the fringes of his tightly regulated society. He also uncovers the terrible bargain the WorldUnion has struck with outside forces. Can humanity survive the Integrator's mad quest to "perfect" humanity?

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While you're there, be sure to visit the Archive as well as discover the novels and short stories of Mark Laporta. His latest novel, Probability Shadow, is a far-future space opera in which great political powers vie for dominance — until an emerging evil forces a misfit band of humans, androids, symbiotes, mutants and the ghostly remnant of a vanished civilization to stop its murderous rein.

When the mistakes of the past become the legacy of the future, all that remains is the integrity of the just to save interstellar civilization. But can they reach the goal in time?

Probability Shadow is available at Amazon.com and wherever books are sold.

Visit https://heartofearthscifi.com today. Short fiction for scifi fans.

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