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When love takes a turn, what are you willing to do to keep it? - Paranormal / Horror book out now!

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Genre: Paranormal, Horror
Date Published: December 20, 2020

Terra's love life is a monster so she sets out to see her old flame Nathaniel Johnston. But when she finds he is no longer living either, eternity is theirs. Bringing him back will get her a husband because of her passionate feelings for him.

Johnston is her new life, but when they are on their honeymoon in Germany things take a bad turn. The castle they stay in creates too much distance between the two.

Can she get closer to him before it's too late?


"The bride of Frankenstein sat on her throne listening to the radio.  I wasn't expecting the writing style this was in.  I liked it.  It definitely worked for the story.  And that cover is beautiful!" - Goodreads

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"I expected more pages cause I liked the storyline and the way it started." - Labannya, NetGalley

"The writing style was new to me and interesting. The idea of ghosts, zombies, and a castle was creepy and I wish it wasn't short." - Shirin T., Goodreads

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About the Author

Martha has studied writing with Writer's Digest and has an Associate's degree in Social Services. She has also written poems and songs and even studied screen writing and horror. She still writes and likes getting writing prompts. Her favorite author is VC Andrews.

Visit her on Twitter: @MarthaWickham

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