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Double Heart and Kidney Transplant Recipient Reveals Secrets to Survival During Difficult Times in New Book

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Double heart and kidney transplant recipient tells of his enduring trials in his new book, Roasting Karma. The Peterborough, Ontario resident goes deep into the thoughts and motivations that helped him survive repeated challenges which also include the loss of two spouses to breast cancer. Through it all, he develops a positive attitude towards life and shares a roadmap for anyone facing dark times to do the same.

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario - s4story -- Peterborough, Ontario author, Kirk A. Johnson, announced the release of his new book, Roasting Karma. At a time when people are struggling with uncertainty and disharmony in their daily lives, along comes a story of against-the-odds survival and hope. Roasting Karma is a memoir about resilience and strength in the face of repeated trials which also includes the loss of two spouses to breast cancer. Johnson interprets his challenges as karmic payback for transgressions of the past (known and unknown) and decides to take responsibility for his past actions as a means of healing. He suggests that we must accept good and bad events in our lives equally.

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". . . No matter how bad things get, we can train our inner thoughts to accept the good and the bad in equal measure. The Buddhists call it equanimity. When good things happen, it's easy to be peaceful or happy. When bad things happen, it's just as easy to be peaceful or happyif we choose to be. Why would anyone choose to not be peaceful or happy? There could be many reasons, but the one that stands out most is because negative circumstances and events show up in our lives. Why do these situations show up? Quite often, the answer to that is 'karma'."

Johnson does not consider himself religious but more spiritual in nature and his take on karma comes from an understanding of life's purpose and not from any religious upbringing. He is a student of metaphysics (a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality, and experience without being bound to any one theological doctrine or dogma) and came to this path through necessity, or an awakening that there is more to life than meets the eye.

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Johnson now uses his experience and knowledge to help others discover their true potential as a Spiritual Mentor and offers his coaching services at kirkajohnson.com. Now, more than ever, during this time of pandemic and economic upheaval, many people's sense of purpose is in question due to job losses, organizational restructuring, and financial uncertainty. Now is the time learn how to see the world through a different lens—one of hope.

More information on this book release is available online at https://roastingkarma.com

Kirk A. Johnson

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