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Dr. Mark L. Shatsky Joins The Emory Neurophysiologic Institute (EM-NPI) - www.emoryinstitute.org

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Mark L. Shatsky, DO
Hamlin Emory, M.D. a recognized pioneer and specialist in applying EEG & QEEG data to the treatment of each patient announces the addition of Mark L. Shatsky D.O. to the Emory Neurophysiologic Institute (EM-NPI). Dr. Shatsky is a board certified family physician with fellowship training in residency education, primary care research and development.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - s4story -- The Emory Neurophysiologic Institute (EM-NPI) was founded in 2012 by Hamlin Emory, M.D. to advance the field of clinical neuroscience.  The work of the institute includes publishing Dr. Emory's inclusive physiologic approach for identifying and improving inherited neurophysiologic variations that cause medical illnesses and mental disorders.

The institute uses Dr. Emory's model that monitors and measures each persons' automatic brain and bodily physiology and translates their data into a personalized treatment. In contrast to the psychiatric approach that directs treatment at symptom reduction, Dr. Emory's approach attempts to identify and resolve inherited physiologic variations that can manifest as a persistent physical illness and/or a learning problem, substance dependence or mental disorder.

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The institute seeks to inform medical doctors and the public about inherited brain variations that are not recognized in everyday medicine and clinical psychology leading to sub-optimal treatment.  This model applies the latest finding in basic neuroscience that suggest persistent physical and mental disorders are due to failing homeostatic interactions within the brain and between the brain and other bodily systems.

"Dr. Shatsky is a key addition to the Emory Neurophysiologic Institute. His experience in clinical medicine and computer technology will allow the institute to accelerate its rate of publications in the field of neurophysiologic medicine," says Hamlin Emory, M.D.

For more information about his method, visit his website at www.dremory.com. For more information about his institute visit www.emoryinstitute.org  To contact Dr. Emory or to make an appointment:  email office@dremory.com or phone 310.277.7711.

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Source: Emory Neurophysiologic Institute (EM-NPI)
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