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"Echoes" by Marc Everitt is published

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Exciting historical fiction novel about the Franklin Expedition

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"Echoes" by Marc Everitt is published

Exciting historical fiction novel about the Franklin Expedition

About the Book:

Chester Bryers knows a secret. He has kept it for decades but now, as he nears his final days, he is finally telling his tale. A tale of what really happened to the lost Franklin Expedition. A tale of cold vengeance, long planned and of the adventurer George Greener who discovered a terrible truth.

It is a truth that must not be known and by breaking his long silence Bryers' life may be coming to a swifter and more violent end than he imagined; because some secrets must be kept, and The Thin man is watching.

About the Author:

Marc Everitt has published 11 books including two standalone science fiction novels, a haunted house book, a race against time contagion thriller, two short stories, the space opera trilogy 'Days of Entropy', and two old-fashioned murder mysteries in the Sebastian Peregrine series. Most of these stories are available as e-books and audiobooks. Marc lives in Wiltshire, England with his wife, children, dogs and a bossy cat. Marc has a degree in English Literature & Philosophy from the University of Hertfordshire and is a Limited Company director in financial services.

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Excerpt from the book:

"His eyes were almost snow blind from the glare and he had imagined seeing things on more than one occasion, but this seemed different. If he were to imagine something, then he supposed it would be something he understood, but what he was perhaps seeing at the very edge of his vision was like nothing he knew. Was it a person? No, too large and the wrong shape.

One foot in front of the other, just keep moving. Yes, that was definitely something. A house? No, it couldn't be. Houses weren't shaped like that. Keep on walking, just keep moving. He finally fell to his knees as he saw people coming out of the strange-looking structure. People speaking a language he did not understand and walking towards him cautiously. All of his strength seemed to have been spent and he fell forward into the snow. Charles Hamilton Osmer did not feel it when they lay their hands on him and carried him away."

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