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ECLIPSE Author Cites Benefits of Experiencing "Total Awe" During April 8th Solar Eclipse

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ECLIPSE: Experience Awe in the Path of Totality
The fourth edition of this popular science book is now available to educate and inspire.

SEATTLE - s4story -- In less than two months the Moon's shadow will darken a 120-mile-wide swath across North America from Mazatlán to Newfoundland (including parts of 15 states from Texas to Maine). As many as 30 million viewers in the path will have up to four minutes to take in the stunning beauty of the solar corona on Monday, April 8, 2024.

"For those in the path with a clear view, this total solar eclipse will be a truly awesome experience," says eclipse expert and author Bryan Brewer. "There's the eerie onset of daytime darkness. Then the sudden swoop of the Moon's shadow sweeping over you. And for a few brief minutes you get this spectacular display of the delicate halo around the Sun. There's nothing else like it."

Brewer, who has seen five total solar eclipses, recently released the fourth edition of his highly acclaimed book, ECLIPSE: Experience Awe in the Path of Totality. The generously illustrated, full-color book has been updated with complete details about the 2024 event, which will be the last total solar eclipse visible in the United States for the next twenty years.

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The experience of a total solar eclipse—with its focus on the magnificent sight of the solar corona—is literally transcendent and otherworldly. The grand physical scale of the event imparts a visceral understanding of the vastness of time and space. It takes you out of your ordinary day-to-day consciousness and leads you to a place of certain recognition that you are experiencing something larger than yourself. It leaves you in a state of "total awe."

Recent research has highlighted the benefits of the emotion of awe. In addition to the pleasant and satisfying feelings it engenders, the experience of awe calms the nervous system and promotes prosocial behaviors such as empathy and cooperation. Some eclipse viewers have reported that it "changed their lives."

Brewer emphasizes that you must be within the 120-mile-wide path of totality to witness the magnificent view of the corona. "99% is not good enough. If you get in the path—and are fortunate enough to have clear skies—you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience," says the author. "It's worth doing the research and planning to get the most out of what could be a once-in-a-lifetime event."

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Author Bryan Brewer has been featured in hundreds of TV, radio, and print appearances promoting eclipses over the years, and is available for media interviews. Use the "Contact" form at www.eclipsebook.com.

Links: https://linktr.ee/eclipsebookauthor (@eclipsebookauthor)


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