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FIX Music Rewards Launches Next Generation Artist Tools

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NEW YORK - s4story -- After building up a noteworthy fan base, FIX rewards is launching a new suite of tools that offer artists new revenue opportunities, new ways to connect with their fans, and new insights that FIX is betting can't be found anywhere else.

FIX "Artist Sessions" is a virtual meet-and-greet, where artists can run a live video stream with fans. The twist for FIX is that fans can queue up to have a 1-on-1 video call with the artist. Additionally, Jerry Deifer, CEO at Music Rewards, says eager fans can "jump the line" to get a 1-on-1 slot before the session ends by paying a premium price. "Honestly, as long as fans understand that the large majority of those premium prices are going directly to their favorite artists, they'll be happy to support them. Fans want direct access, and they can't get that on traditional social media."

In addition to new features that allow artists and fans to connect, FIX is also launching next-generation analytics tools. Because FIX gives fans an incentive to link their streaming accounts and financial accounts, artists can better understand their fan base. Additionally, FIX highlights how an artist's fan base differs from the average fan on the platform. "The comparisons are the key piece of information that helps artists understand where strategic partnerships might be most effective," said FIX's CTO Dan Phifer. "For instance, if an artist can see that their fans spend more on Beauty and Personal Care products, then it might make sense to add those items to their merch line or run an ad campaign on that type of site."

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Artists can also run their own campaigns directly within the app. For instance, FIX frequently runs "streaming multiplier" promotion, where fans can earn 2X, 4X, or 10X the usual points just for streaming music. "By letting artists control these promotions in a self-service way, artists can select when it makes sense to run a promotion -- such as on the day of a new album release -- and coordinate their efforts across all of their social channels," said Deifer.

During the beta period, independent artists can gain access to these tools for free. "We think it's the best way to get some immediate feedback from independent artists and labels so we can refine the tools and understand what's most important to them. Certainly, we see this information as extremely valuable to artists and in the long run that will become a key revenue stream for us," said Deifer.

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