Great News for You: Your GreenPrints Sept. 2023 Issue is Here!

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HINGHAM, Mass. - s4story -- Great news! Your September 2023 issue of GreenPrints Magazine is ready for you to access, print, and read.

Plus, the new-and-improved GreenPrints Magazine includes two stories in the current issue that are also read by GreenPrints founder Pat Stone and his wife, Becky. What a treat!

In addition to reading these two stories for yourself, you can listen to the audio recording while working in the garden, while driving in your car, or on-the-go anywhere.

Including this featured story—"A Heartwarming Harvest"—you get all 7 stories in this GreenPrints Magazine September 2023 issue, with these gems:
  • "A Heartwarming Harvest: The special way my little girl helped me in the garden."—read about how one woman's daughter regularly entertained her mother in the garden, giving her mother welcome distractions while weeding.
  • "The Green Wars: How I waged a garden contest between my dad and our neighbor."—read about how one woman, as a competitive little girl, got her father's garden harvest entered in the local fair's contest—unbeknown to her father!
  • "Breaking Dormancy: A personal, family gardening story"—read this gem, authored by GreenPrints founder Pat Stone, about his dad's gardening efforts and what affect that had on Pat and his siblings.
  • "Where Have All the Fireflies Gone?: Long time passing …"—read this sentimental, and funny, account of days gone by when kids enjoyed the wonders of Summer and Fall, including the appearance of bright fireflies!
  • "Lemons in my PJs: How not to impress the new neighbors."—read about one man's awkward appearance in his pajamas to his next-door neighbors, while out walking the dog early one morning and collecting lemons. Very funny!
  • "Sunflower Boyfriends: Fritz, Herbert, George—and more!"—read this funny and interesting account of how one woman names each sunflower after a potential boyfriend.
  • "Gardening for Mom: When she broke her leg, it was time for me to …"—read about a woman who helps her injured mother with her gardening, including the mother's active involvement in directing efforts to her gardening-novice daughter. A touching and healing story!
  • "Garden Thief: She stole our vegetables—every year."—read about a mysterious woman who appears in this little girl's garden every year, to harvest the bounty without permission. A very revealing response to the situation from the little girl's mother! Read to find out how it ends.

Enjoy the last warm days of summer and the gentle breezes that are blowing fall our way while you savor the stories handpicked for their humor, warmth and charm. We hope you enjoy the September 2023 issue of GreenPrints at!

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