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Hi-C and DJ Quik's airplane incident

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With all the bad publicity that United has had, celebrities continue to poke fun at the situation. DJ Quik and Hi-C went as far as creating a dramatization of the incident for a few laughs.

LOS ANGELES - April 16, 2017 - s4story -- Airplane passengers on Saturday got a live dramatic show starring the Compton legendary producer DJ Quik and Compton native rapper Hi-C. As people were boarding their flight destined to Los Angeles, airport police were receiving a call about a disturbance. When airport police arrived at the scene they were greeted by laughter and people recording a man being dragged by another man wearing a Weedmenu shirt. The man being dragged down the airplane aisle was none other than Compton legend DJ Quik and the man dragging him was Hi-C. In light of the recent airline incident airport police have been walking on eggshells doing everything possible to avoid another fiasco. The prank was not taken lightly at first until the airport police recognized who the pranksters were. After a few selfies the laughter began to die down and people began returning to their seats. We reached out to Hi-C and DJ Quik but all we got was a rep that told us DJ Quik and Hi-C were discussing the re-accommodating policy of airlines and it just led to them poking fun at the thought of them being kicked off the flight. Other passengers didn't seem to mind the prank which was partly why airport police didn't make a big deal about it. Overall we think the prank was a bit risky to do with all the extra measures being taken at airports due to tightened security but we can all appreciate a good joke.

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The following link is a video of the incident: https://youtu.be/_b4E_fR9YFY

Also find the video on DJ Quik's Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BS6xTaHA04w/

Another angle of the video: https://instagram.com/p/BS65_EuFbbB/

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