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Illustrating History With Tea!

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BRANTFORD, Ontario - s4story -- Author and illustrator George Neeb's latest picture book uses tea to bring his illustrations to life. Duel With A Dragon tells the story of the first emperor of China who angers a powerful dragon. Neeb created the art to resemble ancient silk paintings. "I enjoy illustrating my books in the style of each ancient culture that I write about," said Neeb. "I did a lot of experimenting to find a way to achieve the warm hue of silk and tea seemed to give the perfect effect." Neeb dyes his paper in orange pekoe tea then cuts out paper figures to be photographed. "With a computer texture added," explains Neeb, "I created the look of silk." Neeb enjoys creating illustrations in a way that his young readers can replicate. "I love using paint techniques, cut and dyed paper and pencil crayons," says Neeb who has created two previous books about Ancient Egypt. His website, georgeneeb.ca, includes instructions and video links so readers can learn how he creates his illustrations.

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Besides the artwork, he also enjoys researching facts to include in his stories. "I created my first picture book, Pharaoh's Arrow, when I was teaching and saw a need for more historical fiction picture books." He hopes teachers will use his books as a resource in their classrooms. "Kids love picture books and they are a great way to bring history to life!"

His newest story is set in the Qin dynasty around 221 BC. "The first emperor was a warrior," says Neeb, "who conquered the surrounding kingdoms to form China." Neeb took some liberties with Qin's life by including an epic battle with a dragon, but tried to include relevant facts also. "I spent days in museums looking at artifacts, reading books and watching documentaries." I even include a Qin Dynasty Quiz in the back of the book." His favorite part of researching was learning about small seal script. "This ancient form of Chinese was the written language that the first emperor ordered his citizens to use. I include small seal script characters on each page of the story to help reinforce the text."

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Next up for Neeb is a story about Ancient Greece. "I love the shape and colours of Greek pottery, so I am excited to get illustrating my next book."

More information can be found at https://georgeneeb.ca

Neeb's books can be found at major online retailers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1999119010?pf_rd_r=HYP7S3B7AAP5D484R4GJ&pf_rd_p=6fc81c8c-2a38-41c6-a68a-f78c79e7253f

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