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Indies United is pleased to present our December 2023 book releases

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QUINCY, Ill. - s4story -- A Far Cry by Marie Judson | Lost Xentu Series |  Fantasy-SciFi | How much will a woman transform to save her daughter? Abducted from her world and life as surgeon, she returns home only to find nothing is as she expected. Yanda will go to any length to save her. Pushed almost beyond endurance, and beyond the known universe, to follow a far cry. Will it be enough to save her daughter?

BosonsWave2 by Bob Freeman | H2LiftShip | SciFi Tech |The crew of the SolarSail ship BosonsWave is wounded and cracked after a crash landing as the HiveWar heats up. Broken on the shoals of Luna, Captain Graciela's Solar Sail ship, BosonsWave is reborn as BosonsWave2. Refurbished, refitted, and squared, Captain Graciela is ready to sail off and trade throughout Sol's heliosphere, free of advertisers or constraints.

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Be a Climate Warrior by Eric Wright | Environmental NonFiction | Be a Climate Warrior is a motivational climate change toolkit designed to empower individuals to contribute to broader climate solutions while reducing their personal emissions. The book casts a blacklight over one's life and their connection to society, illuminating the carbon-scrubbing opportunities that lurk everywhere.

Genesis by J.M. Coleman and L.L. Wirtz | The Lightning Arc | SciFi Thriller | In 2093, over twenty years after the end of the Third World War, a secret organization called the Sicarii are at the height of their power. To stay in power, assassins are deployed to reign in rogue members. But, when Kai is ordered to kill his lifelong friend, he begins to question everything. Caught in the middle of a brimming war and conflicting loyalties, can he make it out alive?

The Dao by JW Bell | The Sigma Chronicles |  Thriller | Stan, an intelligence officer in the US Army, and Doc, his psychiatrist wife, help make up a task force commanded by his boss from Homeland Security. He's been tasked with finding a missing child, infiltrate North Korea, and stop Kim Jong-un from firing his hidden nuclear missile. Easy, right? Maybe a little crazy. But Stan's not crazy; he just hears voices.

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Murder on Drake Street by Ellen Shapiro | A Maddie Landon Mystery | Private Investigator |  Mystery | As PI Maddie Landon delves into Howie Stevenson's life, she's faced with a man who swears he's innocent, though the evidence against him is overwhelming. As Maddie peels back layers of deceit, she must unravel a web of lies to save an innocent man, and perhaps, mend the fragments of her own life.

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