John Grisham's "The Partner" is Heading to Fox Studios

John Grisham's 1997 bestseller The Partner is set to become the latest of the author's works to head for the screen, with Fox tapping Jon Cowan to write the script for this new TV drama series.

PASADENA, Calif. - Oct. 12, 2017 - s4story -- The Partner is described as a David vs. Goliath story about a betrayed lawyer, Patrick Lanigan who stole $90 million from his own firm, then ran for his life. Now he is coming home for trial and Patrick knows something that no one else in the world knows. He knows the truth.

If you are a John Grisham fan you will want to be sure you haven't missed a single book he's written.  This is why the staff at Best Reading Order has put together an E-book that lists all the John Grisham fiction books in the best reading order with short descriptions of each story.

This book is more than just a list; it's an invitation to enjoy each John Grisham series in proper order and to see the basic story outline before purchasing or reading (just in case you've already read it before).

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Readers no longer have to risk missing a book or reading a story out of order.  Here's the way to make sure you enjoy all of John Grisham's books to their fullest.

The book has been written is two separate sections.  The first section gives you all the books and stories, in proper order, with short summaries. The second section can be used as a checklist to keep track of your progress.

Made for Kindle
Books and stories listed by publication date
Each is shown with their numerical place in the series
Every book and story includes a short summary

At the end of this quick reference guide is a simple checklist of all the John Grishambooks and stories. Use your Kindle highlighting feature to keep track of the stories you've read.

With links to purchase, directly from Amazon, any books you might have missed this book is a great companion guide for any John Grisham fan.

This book in the Best Reading Order series is available from Amazon by going to: http://amzn.to/2zdhakG

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