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Jon Cohn's Holiday Horror Story - "Everything Is Temporary" - Tops Amazon Charts as #1 Best-Seller

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LA JOLLA, Calif. - s4story -- Brace yourself for a spine-tingling experience as "Everything Is Temporary" plunges readers into a world of family secrets, chilling revelations, and a holiday season turned upside down.

Sarah's life is thrown into chaos when her husband, Tom, undergoes a sudden and disturbing transformation. His unfounded accusations against their daughter and his bizarre obsession with a long-forgotten book from his past unravel the fabric of their once-peaceful existence.

As tensions escalate and a shocking incident involving an off-season mall Santa Claus takes place, readers are drawn deeper into the enigma surrounding Tom's behavior.

Sarah embarks on a heart-pounding quest to uncover the truth about Tom's past. The book he clings to reveals an astonishing story of talking Christmas trees, living toys, and a malevolent figure posing as Mrs. Claus. "Everything Is Temporary" is a must-read for fans of gripping horror narratives.

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Praise for "Everything Is Temporary":

"I was riveted by every word and couldn't wait to find out how the story would progress. This is a brilliant portrayal of a family impacted by grief. Each character is relatable and likable, and even though the situations they find themselves in are utterly crazy, their responses and emotions are believably written."
- MJ Mars, author of "The Suffering"

"This book is a wild ride, absurd but heartfelt, a twisted Christmas horror that kept me turning the page. It offers an interesting and unexpected combination of elements: It's Goonies meets A Christmas Story meets Babes in Toyland meets…well, I don't want to spoil some of the surprises. Most importantly though is that at its core, Cohn provides us a likable and developed family you both root for and raise your eyebrows at. This book provides the kind of absurd but dark imagination that I suspect only Jon Cohn can offer us."

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- Andrew Najberg, author of "Gollitok"

"A genius mashup of Stephen King's IT and A Miracle on 34th Street, this gleefully
macabre novel from Jon Cohn should be on the top of every horror reader's Christmas
list this year."
- Duncan Ralson, author of "Woom"

Jon Cohn, three time best-selling author of books including "Slashtag" and "The Island Mother" returns with another spine-tingling narrative in "Everything Is Temporary." Cohn's talent for crafting suspenseful stories shines as readers are immersed in a world where storytelling prowess meets heart-pounding suspense. "The Island Mother," his debut novel, received accolades, including the prestigious Publisher's Weekly's Booklife Prize for Best Indie Horror Novel of 2022, solidifying his reputation as a master of crafting hair-raising tales.

To learn more about "Everything Is Temporary," visit https://amzn.to/45TucSw.

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