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Love, Loss, and a World at War in "The Exhumation"

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MIAMI - s4story -- Nick Padron's new historical thriller The Exhumation (TouchPoint Press, November 1, 2021) tells a story of love, loyalty, and loss, against the bloody background of the Spanish Civil War.

With a fast-paced narrative, unpredictable plot, and meticulous historical detail, The Exhumation transports the reader to another time and place. In the tradition of For Whom the Bell Tolls, it will appeal to readers of historical fiction, thrillers, and war drama. Padron describes The Exhumation as "a wartime, romantic thriller about how one man's greed-driven final act becomes another man's shot at redemption."

About the Book
In the fall of 1937, besieged Madrid lies in near ruins, its people struggling under nightly bombardments. Into this uncertain world, enter three Americans assigned with the task to find and exhume the remains of Robert Jordan – a member of the International Brigade killed in action – and bring him home for proper burial in the States. They are Jordan's uncle and the two-man team hired for the job: the amoral but winsome Major Williamson and their interpreter, John, who tells us the story of how one man's greed-driven final act becomes another man's shot at redemption.

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Set over the course of three days, amid vivid depictions of wartime Madrid, we follow the team through the violent drama that surrounds Robert Jordan's exhumation, the human cost of the undertaking, and then John's and Maripaz's, the beautiful piano teacher he meets during an artillery attack, fateful escape from Madrid. More than a tale of action and suspense set in a world at war, The Exhumation is a story about the meaning of loyalty, of love and loss and, finally, the unending search for a lasting ideal.

The Exhumation will be available in eBook ($4.99) and trade paperback ($16.99) from major retailers. Wholesale direct from TouchPoint Press and Ingram.

About Nick Padron
Author and composer Nick Padron was born in Cuba and grew up in New York City. His short stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies. He is the author of three novels, including The Cuban Scar and Where Labyrinths End, and a short fiction collection, Souls in Exile.

About the Publisher
TouchPoint Press is a traditional publisher of fiction and nonfiction. Our staff is comprised of professionals whose collective experience in publishing, editing, journalism, design, and marketing set the stage behind our growing list of published titles. We are proud to work with talented authors and strive to be as innovative and energetic as possible from acquisitions to promotion before and after publication.

Jennifer Bond, Media Liaison for TouchPoint Press

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