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A Multicultural Must Read For Teens and Young Adults

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MANHATTAN, N.Y. - s4story -- We often tell young people they can do anything or be anything, and what they see on social media is always the final product. However, seldom do we reveal to them the journey that people face in order to get to where they are today. "Follows and Likes Is This All That I'm Worth?" is a guide to understanding what success really is, and it reveals the inspirational stories of amazing people who created success in their lives despite the challenges they faced at a young age.

By sharing important lessons on how to create success and the inspirational stories of a multicultural group of people, many of whom have overcome very traumatic experiences as children, youth can find comfort and hope that no matter what their ethnicity is or what obstacles they may encounter, they too will rise and meet the challenges of life with great success.

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Inspirational Stories Include: Naveen Jain, Ungenita Prevost, Greg Walker, Jen Welter, Barbara Majeski, Herb Lang, Mike Poglese, Altagracia Pierre Outerbridge, Ana Olivero, Ria Story, Paul Kazanofski, Maria Trusa, Jonte Hall, Roberto Mendoza, Ram Castillo, Scott Lumley, Lee Duncan, Bruce Pulver

Author Kristi Maggio, founder of Maggio Multicultural Academy and Foundation and educator for over 20 years, has written this book as a tool for youth to help them understand what true success is and how to achieve it, no matter what struggles they are facing today.

All proceeds from the book go to the Maggio Multicultural Foundation and their efforts to creating equal educational programs and employment opportunities for underserved youth. The book releases October 30th by Barnes and Noble Press. To learn more, please visit: https://maggiomulticulturalfoundation.org/follows-and-likes/

Source: Maggio Multicultural Foundation
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