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New Book Shows How Impeachment Still Shapes Leadership Futures of Trump and Pelosi

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'Abuse of Power' Reveals Inside Story of Trump Impeachment Drama, While Putting it in Historical Context.

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The Trump impeachment was a defining moment for President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi for both their political legacies and political futures heading into the 2020 election.

"Abuse of Power: The Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump," by veteran political journalist Fred Lucas follows the behind the scenes twists and turns of the drama that began from the moment of Trump's improbable election. The book explains how the impeachment effort against Trump started long before his phone call with the Ukraine leader.

The book is important to understanding how the contemporary political environment is guided by polarizing narratives, while also establishing a definitive historical account of what was only the third presidential impeachment in American history.

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Presidential historian and New York Times best-selling author Craig Shirley wrote: "Years from now, rational historians will look back and wonder how a president could be impeached over a simple phone call to Ukraine. They will turn to Fred Lucas's 'Abuse of Power' for the explanation why."

Based on numerous interviews from Capitol Hill and the White House, readers of "Abuse of Power," will learn:

·         Why Nancy Pelosi—who tried to stave off impeachment because she thought it was bad politics—finally changed.

·         The depths of the Biden family's international conflicts of interest.

·         How Adam Schiff pushed Jerry Nadler out of the key spot to lead the impeachment and how it spilled into a rivalry during the Senate trial.

·         How Mitt Romney's vote to convict was likely the deciding factor ensuring that three moderate Senate Democrats didn't follow through on a rebelling against party leaders.

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Fred Lucas has been a White House correspondent for more than a decade and has reported on politics and public affairs for The Daily Signal, Fox News, Newsmax, TheBlaze, The National Interest and other outlets. He is also a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.

"This is the inside story about how we reached the point of an election year impeachment trial, and how it will likely stand up to history," Lucas says. "Unlike previous presidential impeachments, the charges against Trump didn't allege specific crimes, but very similar to past impeachment efforts, this occurred in the midst of a politicized culture war."

For more information go to: https://posthillpress.com/book/abuse-of-power-inside-the-three-year-campaign-to-impeach-donald-trump

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