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New eBook, "Arimasen: A Chronicle of the World's Descent into Chaos"

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - s4story -- Arimasen: A Chronicle of the World's Descent into Chaos is the latest offering by author Michael Hoffman, available exclusively as an eBook. This brings up the question of what Arimasen is.

"Is Arimasen a country, then?"

"As to what Arimasen is and is not… oh, Ephraim, did you but know what a subject you raise, unwittingly and in all innocence!"

"A state of mind, then!"

"Perhaps, Umeboshi, it is that. Perhaps."

What is Arimasen? It is not a place, not a time, nothing on it corresponds to anything on Earth or anything we know, everything known there is unknown here, everything known here is unknown there, not only unknown but unimagined and unimaginable… who can describe it? Who can understand it? It can only be lived.

"Arimasen, children, is wherever we are not."

"Can we go there?"

"Never. The closest we can get is to want to go there. And very few get that far. Maybe only me."

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"Me too!"

"Well, you and me then, Ephraim. Come. We'll travel together, we'll get as close as we can."

"Is it a novel?"

"Not exactly…"

"A guidebook?"

"In a sense..."

"A poem!"

"In a way…"

"What then, what?"

"A platypus."

"By which you mean…?"

"Chaos, Umeboshi. Chaos."

"Who are you, Rose?"

"A poet on fire, laughing."

"Is Chaos laughter, then?"

"You have grasped, Ephraim, the heart of the matter."

Arimasen is available in eBook (ISBN 978-1-63868-100-7) from Virtualbookworm.com, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com. A limited number of review copies are available and can be requested by emailing info@virtualbookworm.com.

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