New Exploratory Documentary Spotlighting Obscure Female Hip Hop Artists from the 90s

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A must-watch for music enthusiasts, cultural historians, and anyone who appreciates little-known and unnoted hip hop stories.

NEWARK, N.J. - s4story -- In an industry dominated by mainstream narratives, "B-Gyrlz Unheard: Systahood and Sah-B" shares the chronicles of unsigned and signed recording artists, who were on the cusp of gaining major exposure with some of the '90s hottest chart-topping hip-hop groups.

This compelling documentary sheds light on significant and overlooked female contributions to the local New Jersey rap scene and international culture of hip hop. "B-Gyrlz Unheard: Systahood and Sah-B" follows the accounts of Systahood (Kandi Kain and DJ Twista) and Sah-B, from Illtown and Brick City, East Orange and Newark respectively, as they sought to become part of the sisterhood of hip hop until the scene drastically changed from talent and skills to sex appeal and exploitation. The film is enriched with guest appearances by hip hop luminaries such as DJ Cutmaster Cool V (deejay for Biz Markie), DJ Lord Jazz of the Lords of the Underground, El da Sensei of the Artifacts, VinRock (aka Uncle Vinnie) of Naughty By Nature, and producer Asiatic, DJ Skills, and Sham, alongside Jam-C, Ali, DJ Backspin, DJ Godfather D, and many more. These artists come together to weave a narrative that celebrates the vibrancy, resilience, and artistry of women in hip hop.

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The documentary takes viewers on a journey through the challenges and triumphs faced by these artists as they navigated a path less traveled by women in the music industry. From performing, touring, and music production to creating a nonprofit organization for girls that encourages and empowers them to pursue their dreams while maintaining their dignity. Their stories are a testament to the enduring spirit of hip hop, overlooked roles of women, and how they used hip hop to evolve and impact the lives of youth. "B-Gyrlz Unheard: Systahood and Sah-B" is directed by Mike Rae Anderson of Fayetteville, North Carolina and is now streaming on Tubi and Apple TV.  The film features a dynamic soundtrack by Mufi of Krate Kings and DJ Twista that can be found on their website,, that captures the essence of the boom bap era it represents.

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