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New Novel Honors and Documents Obliteration of American Chestnut Forests

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SEDONA, Ariz. - s4story -- Through the captivating lens of historical fiction, Robin Shaw's new novel, The Tree That Called Us Home, is an awakening to a long-lost chapter of American history.

The American chestnut tree, once an emblem of strength and majesty, and a way of life, bore witness to an unprecedented blight and resulting functional extinction of four billion chestnut trees, across the Eastern seaboard, during the early 20th century.  The story, based upon true events, traces the devastating impact of this disaster and eventual revival of hope across seven generations of the Hayes farm family, whose roots are firmly entrenched in the heart of Appalachia.

Shaw resurrects this legacy, capturing the agony of an era and celebrating the triumph of human spirit over adversity, and she bridges the deep bond between humanity and nature. Similar to Steinbeck's, "The Grapes of Wrath", Shaw's story of loss and devastation is experienced firsthand through the connection of people. As the intricately woven plot unfolds, readers are transported across time and circumstance, revealing a tapestry of resilience, sacrifice, and redemption through the lens of this family's struggles, aspirations, and unwavering dedication.

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The narrative serves as an urgent call to arms for a nation poised at the crossroads of environmental crisis and cultural reawakening. This tree, once as emblematic as the Liberty Bell or the bald eagle, faded into obscurity with little acknowledgment of its pivotal role in shaping the nation's infrastructure and culture.

Bill McKibben, Author, and renowned environmentalist has noted, "This movement is about the biology of chestnuts, but also about the psychology of people, about the nobility of the forest giant, but also about the nobility of the people who have devoted themselves to its recovery."

The Tree That Called Us Home should be read by every American. It is a symphony of courage, resilience, and hope that illuminates the power of collective purpose. As Shaw's pen guides us through history's annals, we're reminded of the power and potential inherent in a few steadfastly, dedicated people united by a shared dream.

Robin Shaw is a naturalist with a deep passion for storytelling that dates to her childhood. Robin holds a bachelor's degree in biological sciences from Syracuse University, and for years taught traditional breeding methods as a high school educator. She has enjoyed a career as a financial planner, founded Advanced Marketing Concepts, worked as a ski instructor, is a lifelong organic farmer, and was elected to serve as a State Representative in the Arizona legislature. She is available for select speaking engagements. Robin has two grown sons and resides in Arizona.

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Paperback: $18.00
E-Book: $7.99
ISBN: 978-1-960505-31-6
August/September 2023

CONTACT: Robin Shaw, author
Wild American Chestnut Foundation, LLC
(602) 625-9099

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