One Man Must Confront His Family's Past to Save the Future

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WASHINGTON - s4story -- A propulsive and exciting present-day thriller in the style of Lincoln Child, Frederick Forsyth, and Dan Brown — "Eagle Ascending," Dan Whitfield's debut novel, will be released June 14.

"Eagle Ascending" dives into the murky history of World War II, uncovering a new theory for what became of the True Cross after its loss at the Battle of Hattin in 1186, and offering an alternative history of Hitler's Ahnenerbe, those tasked with looting art and artefacts from the lands which the Nazi's conquered. It's well-researched details about World War II and the nature of Hitler's reign will appeal to fans of historically-rooted fiction, thrillers, and mysteries.

Whitfield said, "The past is rich with examples of people who have used both science and
religion for their own selfish ends. "Eagle Ascending" is a story focusing on just those sort of people; greedy, vain, and misguided, and the misery that can follow from their ill intentions. But it is also a story of the good that comes when people commit themselves to discover the truth, no matter where the search may lead."

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About the Book
New York cop Joe Krueger is about to arrest a notorious drug pusher when his life changes forever. He witnesses a bomb tear through one of the city's biggest Jewish museums, leaving dozens dead. In the aftermath, the case takes an even more horrific turn: footage from the scene suggests that the bomber is Joe's own grandfather, infamous Nazi General Wolfgang Kruger, who died 70 years ago.

With time running out until the next attack, Joe Krueger is forced to confront his family's monstrous past. Piecing the clues together, he discovers that his grandfather had been ordered to recover the True Cross for the Third Reich, and that modern-day Neo-Nazis are racing to complete his mission.

Armed with little more than a burning desire to expose this plot, Joe travels across Europe and the Holy Land fighting to stop these men and their plan to tip the globe into another world war.

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About the Author
Dan Whitfield is a multi-award winning direct mail copywriter and novelist living in suburban Washington D.C. with his wife, two daughters, and hundreds of books. Originally from the United Kingdom, Dan has always had a passion for history, and studied the subject in both England and the United States. This is his debut novel.

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