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Pervis Taylor III, M.A. Gets Us In Surthrival Mode

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NEW YORK - Jan. 17, 2019 - s4story -- Pervis Taylor has brilliantly created a series of self-empowerment strategies that give men permission to drop the guise of always appearing all powerful and impervious to emotional hurt, and thus never evolving, and instead encourages them to embrace adversity, sorrow, fear, or any other emotion which challenges the stereotypical concept of what it means to be a man. Pervis' "sur-thrival" techniques clearly and easily teach 21stcentury men how to turn pain into power and truly become emotionally healthy!

Jeffrey Gardere, Ph.D., ABPP

Assistant Professor, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

"America's Psychologist"

Surthrival Mode (Sur-thrive-al) is the latest book from award-winning celebrity life coach, speaker and best selling author of Pervis Principles Volumes 1& 2  and co-author of Single Man, Married Man, Pervis Taylor, III. The book is best described as a how-to-guide for men to navigate through their emotions and trauma using the 4 A's of Surthrival Mode (Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Articulation and Alchemy). The book aims to bridge the gap in men between just surviving and getting by in life to ultimately thriving within their emotions, mental health and relationships with others and themselves. With suicide rates and mental health issues rising rapidly with men, Surthrival Mode aims to be an effective tool to be used in the healing of men. The book is steeped in power, intimacy and vulnerability. By depicting his own personal narrative of abuse, depression and low self-esteem, Pervis illustrates an easy to follow guide for how he used the 4A's of Surthrival Mode to transmute his life story.  Readers will be left with actionable steps and tools to apply as they embark on their journey to Surthrive.

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About the Author:

As a speaker, Pervis has delivered several keynote speeches at graduations, non-profits and national conferences.  As an expert life coach, he has contributed to a strong list of publications that include Black Enterprise, Vibe, and Beliefnet, to name a few. Black Enterprise Magazine named Pervis a "BE Modern Man" for his contribution to excellence in his field of life coaching.  In addition to Black Enterprise, Pervis and his work has been featured on Fox, The Today Show, Daily Mail UK, Essence Magazine, The Root, and The Network Journal. Pervis was recently featured on the Centric show BEING as award-winning actress Lisa Nicole Carson's life coach.  Recently, Pervis finished up a his graduate degree from Columbia University in Psychology from the School of Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Spirituality, Mindfulness and Body, as well as working with new clients and organizations.  He just completed his new book, Surthrival Mode. It's a book specifically for men that teaches them how to process their emotions and mental health. Pervis resides in Brooklyn, New York.  He has worked with various organizations, such as New York City Department of Education, Red Hook Initiative, YWCA, DC Trust, Lincoln Center, Teachers College, Columbia University and Young Men's Initiative, CUNY Black Male Initiative and more.

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Book available: https://www.surthrivalmode.com

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