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Author/Poet creates videos to help youth and adults how to treat everyone with kindness, love, and empathy.

KAYSVILLE, Utah - March 20, 2018 - s4story -- Jerald Simon, author and composer and founder of Music Motivation® (musicmotivation.com), has created short motivational messages in video format to help teach principles, values, and morals that teens and adults alike can learn and work on. These can be found on his YouTube channel, youtube.com/jeraldsimon, under the playlist sections titled: "Poetry that Motivates by Jerald Simon" (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9eocDI3...), and "Motivational Messages by Jerald Simon" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTEJjztbzxU&...).

Simon feels there are many debates going on right now across the country where so many are debating if and when laws should be changed, improved, or security and protective measures should be put in place to protect children and youth at schools and all people everywhere. He feels that, as good as these statements are, and as great as new laws might be, what really needs to change is how people treat each other. Simon feels that far too many individuals, young and old alike, have forgotten how to treat everyone with kindness, love, and empathy. It is important to reach out to those who are different and to be friends with everyone. Laws, in Simon's opinion, can only do so much, but if people can stop hating, start loving, and make an extra effort to speak kindly and help those around them, then attitudes, beliefs, egos, and perspectives can change. By doing so, that can help everyone be a little kinder and a little more thoughtful. Simon suggests that the words we choose to speak can do damage and harm to an individual who needs to be heard, appreciated, understood, and loved. Simon believes that there is much change happening in the government and far too many youth and adults are expressing concerns for their present and future circumstances. He feels this extends beyond shootings and violence witnessed across the globe. In his opinion, it is a plea that all people of all different backgrounds come together and look past their differences and love and respect each other as human beings. That will change how they treat each other.

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Jerald created these videos focusing on teaching values and principles using selected poems, and motivational messages he has written that are found in a few of his poetry and motivational self help books, namely, "The 'As If' Principle" (motivational poetry) featuring 222 original motivational poems written by Simon to teach values and virtues, and his other motivational self help books: "Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers", "Motivation in a Minute", and "Who Are You? (Your Personal Success Goal Book - Discover Who You Are and Who You Can Become)". All of these books are available in paperback format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and his website (musicmotivation.com) and also as audio books and ebooks from all online stores.

Click on the titles below to watch the most recent videos (Jerald has created a schedule to release and post 2 - 4 new vides every week on his YouTube Channel - youtube.com/jeraldsimon):

ACT "AS IF" by Jerald Simon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j58FgBN63tw&...) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j58FgBN63tw&...

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