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Replace Google Analytics for free with AesirX

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Aesirx Analytics AesirX Pte.Ltd
From this week, you can now get important customer insights from an ethical web Analytics platform; AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI (Business Intelligence) protect customers' privacy and are GDPR compliant because of the unique 1st party AesirX JS Data Collector technology. Now you have a privacy-first Google Analytics alternative.

NEW YORK - s4story -- From today, and all this week in line with their $1 million giveaway, AesirX launches two more marketing platforms. AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI are Open Source 1st-party-based web analytics platforms that collect, store, and analyze business data - only ever in a compliant and privacy-first way. Essentially, they are your 1st-party alternatives to Google Analytics - respectful of your customers' privacy and fully compliant with GDPR and other regional legislation.

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By now, anyone experienced enough within the industry will know that digital marketing is about to change significantly - enough for everyone in the world to be affected. In the past decade, online tracking and the abuse of customer data have reached a crescendo, which is about to crash.

Third-party cookies will be obsolete by 2023! When the world gets blocked from using tracking cookies and 3rd-party JavaScripts in the very near future, and certainly by 2024 when Google Chrome stops supporting 3rd-party cookies, alternative 1st-party web analytics will be needed.

AesirX is building the world's first fully legal, 1st-party MarTech stack - 20 Solutions in 2 years! AesirX Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) and AesirX Digital Asset Management (DAM) are already available with multiple features and benefits to improve workflow automation.

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Today, the team releases AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI which come with a locally hosted 1st-party JavaScript solution, called 1st-party JS Collector, that gathers and stores data legally, including storage of citizens' data in-country. Easily install and integrate AesirX Analytics with AesirX BI for extensive insights to, respectfully, use visitor data for any effective and result-oriented digital marketing strategy, based on a data driven foundation.

The BI dashboard provides compliant Business Intelligence data, including conversion and behavioral data, to personalize the customer experience, optimize marketing performance and streamline operations - yet by gathering data only ever in a compliant and privacy-first manner using AesirX's free 1st-party JS Collector.

AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI are available Open Source on Gitlab, so they are fully customizable, and come in 5 tiers ranging from Freemium (with dozens of free features) to a fully hosted and managed Enterprise edition.

You download AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI Free from GitHub for free.

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Thomas Esmann, Tech CMO

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