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Some of the most vivid promises of a new world may be found in the artifacts of an older one

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Discover what a quintet of fascinating women, the warm coastal waters of South Florida and a diminutive genius have in common.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - s4story -- MR. NACHRON'S LIST (New Edition) by Mike Corbett

Mr. Nachron meets a quixotic charmer and convinces him that a little cooperation in collecting some special items will help him rediscover love and his enthusiasm for life. Ron Maddock commits himself to a high stakes scavenger hunt that carries him through the boundaries of time and reality. Historically accurate settings are trivially tweaked in order to briefly expose him to the pleasures and perils of the past. Romance and adventure are his equally demanding masters as he struggles to cope with challenges that neither modern science nor spirituality can explain.

Some of the characters Ron encounters as he spelunks through the past will beguile; others will repel, but all are memorable and destined to visit the dreams of the impressionable among us.

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Historical fiction that does not entertain is a bad textbook. If it does not simultaneously enlighten, it will be insignificant. Mr. Nachron's List satisfies both requirements.

Mike Corbett has spent his fortunate life in the company of stimulating people in extraordinary situations. Along with Laughter of the Damned (a satirical sendup of heaven and hell) and Mr. Nachron's List (a blend of romance, history and science fiction), he has written tactical books on poker and backgammon. Corbett is fascinated by the wavering border between reality and fantasy and he is a master of the transition from observation to interpretation.

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