"The Adventures of Samba Rat & Friends in Sherman the Last Dragon" tells a grand tale of magic and friendship

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The Birth of Sherman the Last Dragon The Adventures of Samba Rat and Friends
PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - Dec. 10, 2018 - s4story -- "The Adventures of Samba Rat & Friends in Sherman the Last

recently released by Page Publishing authors Steven and Mary Munsie, weaves a charming tale of woodland life with a magical adventure filled with fantastical creatures with full-color illustrations.

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"The Adventures of Samba Rat & Friends in Sherman the Last Dragon", an enjoyable read that tells of a group of woodland friends and their journey to help a mysterious and fantastical creature that they discover to safety, comes in the new book by Steven and Mary Munsie, founders of young people's acting company, the Young Shakespearian Repertory Ensemble, at the Shakespeare Society of America's Globe Playhouse, West Hollywood.

The story, perfect for young readers, shows that even in the face of danger, the power of love and friendship can triumph: "Four woodland friends—Samba Rat; Peter Porcupine; Squirrely, a scout camp mascot; and Cindy, a ladybug—returning home from a spring picnic are caught in a storm and discover a large mysterious egg hidden in an ancient tree. When it hatches into a baby dragon, the four friends are set upon an adventure to find the little creature a home.

The four friends are joined by Kitty Joy, a young master scout who first tracks them and then joins them on their adventure to find a mysterious hidden sanctuary and save Sherman, the Last Dragon."

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, and available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in print and ebooks, Steven and Mary Munsie's captivating fable contains vivid pictures that charm and enhance the reader's imagination. The full-color illustrations and vignettes were all done by Mary Munsie as well. The 137-page book in fifteen chapters makes a perfect bedtime read for youngsters and also contains new vocabulary to challenge more advanced readers.

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The story contains an environmental message as well, about the effect of humans on other species' habitats and presents the traditional story of humans vs. dragons from another perspective, that of the dragons threatened by human encroachment.

Squirrely, the scout camp mascot, exhibits "scouting values", like "being prepared" and how to handle obstacles and sudden crises, overcoming larger challenges by learning how to overcome smaller ones first. The canny squirrel, leader of the adventure, applies many practical tips learned from the scouts along the journey and prepares the group for the challenges ahead.

The story also presents a picture of European mythology and the myriad creatures found in that tradition who form a part of the mysterious story of Sherman, the last Dragon. The story contains magic, mystery, drama, fun, adventure, bravery, and a giant surprise at the end for a journey worth taking.

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AUTHORS INTERVIEW: Check out the latest interview about the book and the authors on our Facebook page and on Parkbench.com/Pacific Grove - Enjoy! https://parkbench.com/blog/steven-muncie-interview-pacific-grove-1


-- Teaching children resilience! A journey with essential themes: taking risks, seeking knowledge, diverse friendships, working cooperatively to overcome obstacles and challenges, and using the strengths of each individual to achieve a quest. Heather Mahardy, M.Ed.

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Global Education & Computational Social Science Scholar-Practitioner

— What I recognized as I read your book was that all the creatures, including humans, worked together in love and respect for each other and a sense of compassion for the very lost baby dragon, who was quite in danger! And as they stayed dedicated to the goal of working together, despite their differences, the Universe worked with them because every step of the way they received important warnings of what dangers awaited them on their journey of Life and Empowerment. Now this is truly the theme of your story and one that resonates everywhere in the world. And good parents and teachers want their children to know this moral and become this. Good! Kind! True to their identity! Obviously, no matter the religion or culture, gender, age, class, education level, disability, good people want this moral learned and lived. It is worthy to be read by adults as well as kids! Forward you go. Charleen Mahardy

"The Adventures of Samba Rat & Friends: Sherman the Last Dragon" is available in print on Amazon (Books/Samba Rat), Barnes & Noble or at bookstores everywhere, and the ebook version is available online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

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