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The Best Email Marketing Techniques Used by Publishers

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The best email marketing practices encourage responsive design, endless testing, and customer retention strategies

HINGHAM, Mass. - s4story -- If you didn't already know, the Mequoda Method is a compilation of best practices derived from publishers who are making money online. They tell us what's working for them, and when we see a trend that's working for other publishers, it becomes a best practice. This set of best practices is always evolving, growing and being updated to change with what's working right now, not 12 months ago, and we don't pretend to know what will happen 12 months from now, only what has been proven so far, and how it might apply to the future.

We also have the luxury of working with niche publishers day in and day out, who tell us their successes and failures, so we can leverage the collective wisdom of this forward-thinking group and develop new best practices.

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Based on their own experience, they have theories on what to do, why to do it, the order of importance, and what can and can't happen if you follow best practices. When we find that other publishers share the same stories and we can measure what works and doesn't, it becomes a best practice in the Mequoda Method.

We've found that best practices for the best email marketing advice is always changing. Five years ago, using full-length blog posts was the best way to convert readers into buyers through built-in calls to action. But now we find that getting readers out of email and onto the website, by using short snippets of content with links to the full-length articles is a best practice.

I can't stress enough the importance of paying attention to what others are doing. It's what the Mequoda Method was built on, and it's always evolving based on true stories of what publishers are succeeding with and failing with. You should always learn by doing because until you hear the crack of thunder overhead, you probably don't really know if you know what to do.

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The Best Email Marketing Techniques (as of today, and possibly tomorrow)
  • Test email subject lines
  • Be quick but don't pull tricks
  • Touch on people's core emotions
  • Spruce up welcome emails
  • Test "from" lines
  • Optimize unsubscribe links
  • Win-back programs
  • Use the "tremendous whack" theory
  • Design responsively
  • Try an email stack
  • Create a sense of continuity
  • Don't write off "free" completely
  • Look at your price and determine a length

What best email marketing practices would you add to this list? Which have you tried? Learn more today at https://www.mequoda.com/articles/audience-development/best-email-marketing-techniques-used-by-publishers/

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