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The Great Weight Rebellion of 2019 Mirrors The Great Slave Rebellion of 1831

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The great great great grandson of Nat Turner loses 35 pounds in 4 months and starts a weight loss rebellion with a target of a billion pounds lost due to the injustice he feels the food & weight loss industries perpetrate on 160 million in the US!

LOS ANGELES - s4story -- "Injustice has been said to be the greatest spark for social action and change throughout the history of humankind," states Jantonio Turner, the great great great grandson of slave rebellion leader Nat Turner, who on August 21, 1831, led a group of approximately 70 slaves on a murderous track into the history books.

Jantonio Turner, who was actually born on date 2 of the rebellion, August 22, 1967, has started his own rebellion, not aimed at race but at the biggest threat for all Americans as he sees it – weight, i.e. obesity. After losing 35 pounds in 4 months, Turner looked at the current state of American health (27th in the world falling from 6th in the 1990's) and was troubled by what he saw. "America keeps getting fatter and fatter. This result means mainstream thought is not working. There is a huge injustice being perpetrated on the 160,000,000 overweight or obese Americans. The food and weight loss industries prioritize profits and monetization over the long term health of others," claims Turner.

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Turner has written the true story of his own accidental journey into successful weight loss and maintenance. The Real Truth: Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Wait & Lose Weight is available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/1074051262/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WgLeDbBM2MZ72 (softcover) and on BarnesandNoble.com https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-real-truth-jantonio-e-turner/1132200719 (hardcover) and on his website https://MrRealTruth.com/the-real-truth-book (eBook). The Real Truth details his step by step journey and the science behind it along with the 100% success rate for his original test group of family and friends with whom he shared his protocol.

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"When injustice piles up, someone somewhere will do something about a non-survival situation. One pound at a time, our group is making a difference, losing the weight ourselves and spreading the word. This Great Weight Rebellion will not be stopped because this is undeniably good for all of humankind," concluded Turner.

Jantonio Turner is an award winning film director, a national cable television network founder and the very proud father of two wonderful daughters. After a health scare, he researched healthier lifestyles promoting longevity and lost 35 pounds in 4 months. He now shares his story with others who are experiencing 100% successful weight loss.

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Jantonio Turner, Founder/Owner
(833) 3COACHJ

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