The Self-Drive Divide: Who trusts autonomous vehicles?

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According to car buyer intelligence firm Autolist, Uber riders are less trusting of autonomous technology than Lyft riders. Data shows that the number of people who would not trust any form of autonomy today is 7% higher for Uber riders than it is for Lyft riders. When polled on their trust of any level of self driving vehicle, there is a significant gap between men and women. According to the data, the number of women who would not trust any form of self-driving vehicle is 12.3% higher than the number of men who would not trust one.

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Beyond gender, the type of vehicle people are thinking about buying next is linked to their trust of autonomous vehicles. Prospective EV owners are 23.2% more likely to trust elf driving cars than those not considering an EV. In addition, 20.5% more prospective EV owners believe some form of autonomous technology should be allowed by law today.

Autolist surveyed 21,322 vehicle owners in the calendar year 2017. Responses were aggregated to ensure representation of all 50 states. The data sample is accurate within a 95% confidence interval with a margin of error of +/- 2%. Calculations (averages, differences, etc.) were performed according to traditional statistical methodology.
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