Viral Video Experiment Fooled Millions Into Believing Zuckerberg Was Going To Delete Facebook

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"A World Without Facebook"
This is a real world case study related to the Jordan Peele/Obama "Deep Fake PSA" just released by Buzzfeed.

LOS ANGELES - April 20, 2018 - s4story -- How would people react if Zuckerberg just deleted Facebook entirely?

That scenario would probably never happen in reality, so Los Angeles based filmmaker  Andrew Oleck decided to make it happen in a viral video. On April 1st, 2018, he released A World Without Facebook on YouTube, Vimeo and of course, Facebook. As of April 19th the video has been shared more than 230,000 times and been viewed by over 33 million people. The video began to go viral around the time Zuckerberg appeared before Congress last week. Although the video is satire, many believed it was real and thought Facebook was going away for good.

Andrew used a VFX trick to make it look like Zuckerberg was delivering a Facebook live address explaining that Facebook has to many issues, and he had to shut it down. A similar but more advanced trick was used in the Jordan Peele/Obama "Deep Fake PSA" just released by Buzzfeed this week. A World Without Facebook was actually released days before the Peele/Obama video but it can be used as a case study in digital manipulation of a footage of public figures, and the incredible way in which a essentially "fake news" viral video could be seen, shared and believed by so many on Facebook. Here are links to the video and current press, including Snopes and Gizmodo articles.

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