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Was This Supernatural Thriller Written With Help From The Other Side?

When Tobias Inigo was asked to describe the amazing background behind his new book, this is what he said.

ITHACA, N.Y. - Feb. 12, 2018 - s4story -- When Tobias Inigo was asked to describe his new book, GURU, he quietly explained it feels like something beyond a work of fiction.
"GURU is more than a new age visionary novel; it is a book that came to me in such a powerful way that I believe it will speak to readers on many levels." Tobias said. "In the same way that I felt guided during the writing of this book, I believe this book will help people find peace and a direction that may lead to a greater understanding of our place in the Universe."

The author feels certain that GURU was somehow delivered in a way that is difficult to explain using traditional writing concepts.
"I can best describe the process as a form of mental dictation. The words came to me so intensely and so quickly that it was a challenge to keep pace." Tobias explained. "While I understand that the idea of something so powerful as GURU being written in such an unusual way might be difficult to accept, that is how it happened."

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Taking the reader on a gripping life and death journey, GURU is the intense tale of Andrew Cummings, an exhausted and careworn corporate nobody, whose life is transformed through meeting an enigmatic spiritual teacher. His remarkable story unfolds through multiple levels that are woven within a tale of dark against light; ignorance versus wisdom; compassion over hatred. GURU has been described as a superb first novel that takes the reader on a powerful and seductive journey into Spirituality and New Age Wisdom. Certain books appear when the world needs them. GURU is one such book. PAPERBACK AT LULU: http://www.lulu.com/shop/tobias-inigo/guru/paperback/product-23511770.html

Tobias Inigo is a writer, artist, illustrator and unapologetic visionary. Home is a 1910 craftsman fixer- upper in rural New York where he enjoys life with his supportive family, two cats and dogs.

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