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Weak and Wounded, Sick & Sore is a Personal Journey of Post Abortion Crisis, Healing and Restoration

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - s4story -- Releasing July 31, 2020, Weak and Wounded, Sick and Sore: Stories of Pity, Love, and Power (Second Edition) is a deeply personal account of spiritual restoration in which Margo Martin Rhodes imparts her experience with, and healing from abortion. This compelling narrative expertly melds personal experiences with logical arguments
to provide support to those who have undergone abortions while satiating the curiosity of those who are unsure about what to expect after an abortion.

Rhodes explains that, "In 2013, I found myself in a spiritual crisis. It was not the type of crisis wherein one doubts God or realizes he or she has fallen short of His glory; it was the type of crisis wherein he or she finally cares. The laundry list of offenses I had committed knowing full well they were wrong is too long to recount in this memoir, and unnecessary at that, though a chosen few have risen to the top. But the offense I had not identified as an actual offense for over thirty years was the one that brought me to my knees." Though this memoir would appeal to post abortive women and their support systems, along with parents who are hoping to deal carefully with the issue of crisis pregnancy, Churches and organizations that that offer classes that help women heal from the wounds of abortion, and all those who are curious about what to expect after an abortion would greatly appreciate this book.

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Through her heart-felt account, Rhodes assures post abortive women that forgiveness and healing is available to all those who seek it regardless of the number of transgressions performed, or the severity of them. This is especially the case since, according to Rhodes, "[a]s I have literally broken every one of the Ten Commandments, and then made up a few more so I could break those as well, there is not a single thing you could have done that would put you in a more seemingly unforgivable position than the one in which I found myself. Yet God's grace came even before I asked for it. It started with Him planting information I needed directly in my path and ended with Him providing undeniable cleansing, hope, and true joy."

Rhodes shares, in this spiritual memoir, evidence of "hope for binding the brokenhearted, comfort for all who mourn, provision for those who grieve in Zion, freedom from darkness for the captives, the oil of joy for anointing, a garment of praise instead of despair, and the year of the Lord's favor." Margo knows firsthand that the restoration proclaimed by Isaiah is available to all, and she now feels called to help others plagued by sin and regret to claim these promises.

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