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What Donald Trump Doesn't Seem To Know About Women

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LOS ANGELES - s4story -- Sweetie is not her. She's bigger than that. She's different. Come here honey; hi sugar; hello sweetie. Sweetie is just not her.

The Real her is precious. She's more than a hold me tight. She's a whole lot more than somebody's ol' be my baby tonight. She is not a rat. Sure, she has beautiful eyes and gorgeous lips but she lives in the brain and not in the hips.

"Can we agree on this. What a real man is. A real man is more than just some muscles. ...If a man has a good woman he should always treat her right and give her the best. A good woman without fail has a prime place in her man's heart. Because a good woman will come to her man when he is hurt and nurture him back to health. Every man needs that sometimes. A man and his woman are supposed to be close indeed. We're supposed to be so close until when one is cut the other one bleeds."

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