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Why Cancers (Finally!) Get Relief And Renewal - 2021 Horoscope

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Cancers had it tough in 2020-but better, lighter times are here, with new friends, groups. See why in Cancer 2021 horoscope.

CHICAGO - s4story -- While 2020 was difficult for all, it was particularly rough on those born under the sign of Cancer,  said "Astrologer Anne," Chicago-based astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike.

"Outer circumstances and other people forced changed into your life—it was a fast-track, crash course of soul development. You may look back on 2020 in years to come and wonder how you ever made it through."

Out Of 2020's Tunnel, Into A Brighter Future

In 2021, Cancers will find that "The pressure will ease," Nordhaus-Bike said. "You'll get a chance to focus on some of the things you love best: home and family, time alone, and intimacy at the deepest level of your soul."

Cancers will "get more help in 2021," Nordhaus-Bike said. Mercury retrogrades will occur in three houses that will particularly affect Cancers: the fourth ("your natural home—it's all about family, roots, ancestors"), the eighth ("deep sexual and soul mysteries, how you connect and share with others"), and the twelfth ("where you go to recharge, heal, and meditate.")

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With the world in the Age Of Aquarius, Nordhaus-Bike tells Cancers, "for the rest of this lifetime, you have the privilege of participating in creating a happier, more friendly world. Yours is going to be one of the deepest, richest Aquarius experiences."

Also, Cancers' famous intuition or "sixth sense" power "will increase," Nordhaus-Bike said. "Get a notebook and start recording what comes to you in impressions, dreams, and hunches."

It will be a year of friendship for Cancers. "You're likely going to be attracted to new groups of people, so be open to joining forces with like-minded and like-hearted others," she said. "New friends will help bring out the genius-intuitive side of you. Be brave and open your heart to new and even 'out there' folks."

In 2020, Nordhaus-Bike tells Cancers, "You can feel effervescent down to your very soul. Let the fizz refresh and renew!"

For Cancer's 2021 horoscope, log on to https://astrologeranne.com/69478/horoscope-2021-cancer-horoscope-new-year-2021/.

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About Astrologer Anne

Astrologer Anne is Anne Nordhaus-Bike, longtime professional astrologer and award-winning journalist.

She also is in demand as a speaker and frequent and popular guest on radio, where she receives calls and texts from listeners and shares what's in the stars for every astrology sign. On her website, her free horoscopes cover every zodiac sign. She is a National Women's Hall of Fame Wall of Fame honoree and a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

For more information, go to https://astrologeranne.com.

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