Youth Writers and Bestselling Authors Release Young Adult Novel on Diverse Perspectives

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BALTIMORE - s4story -- There are multiple sides to every story, and then there is the truth somewhere in between. To help young readers remember the importance of understanding other people's perspectives, students of the Youth Writers Challenge have released Mixed Paths.

In Mixed Paths, Youth Writers Challenge students and bestselling authors Camille Carmichael, Dream Ford, Kayla Mason, Kendall Jackson, and Preston Staten Hall introduce us to Caniya, a Florida teenager who is distraught and heartbroken. Her mother doesn't support her fashion career dreams; she feels disconnected from her stepfather; and she is grieving her real father, who separated from her mother when she was young.

Meanwhile, in a less privileged neighborhood on the other side of town, Caniya's best friend, Karden, gets in trouble with the wrong crowd. While he safely flees the scuffle, he worries that staying in town will endanger his loved ones. Caniya and Karden run away to new beginnings to escape their hardships at home, but neither of them is prepared for the unexpected truth waiting for them at their destination.

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"In life, sometimes we're on the right path. Then there are times our paths are chosen for us and other times where we choose the wrong path. But every now and then, as Caniya and Karden will find out, paths can cross in unexpected ways. There's no telling what's on the other side, but you have to keep pushing forward, even if your paths are mixed with sunshine and rain," the Young Writers say.

The topics covered in Mixed Paths, such as empathy, open-mindedness, perspective-taking, and our interconnectedness with others, remind us that everyone approaches life with a unique point of view and of the meaningful growth that takes place when we take the time to understand these different viewpoints and work together to find solutions to life's complex problems.

The young writers say, "There are always lessons along the way, and the two BFFs are about to find out that their chosen paths will have surprising outcomes that will change their lives forever."

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Published by Publish Your Gift®, Mixed Paths is now available for purchase online.

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