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In a survey of people who had been patients in mental hospitals, nearly 500 respondents told of an experience that was often traumatic, and frequently characterized by a violation of their legal rights, forced treatment with drugs, and physical or sexual
Deb McGrath, Canadian actor and comedian, writes a personal story of love about her transgender daughter for just-released anthology Brainstorm Revolution
Independent publisher Wintertickle Press publishes Brainstorm Revolution, an anthology of personal mental health stories, in time for holiday season.
RCT Preliminary Findings Show Digital Behavioral Healthcare Tools Significantly Reduce Opioid Use
Texas has a higher prevalence of mental illness in youth and low access to care
Members, non-members and exhibitors attending HAE EHA's annual conference in Loughborough were given an ideal opportunity to assess and improve their strategies for dealing with mental health in the workplace by expert speakers.
The sensitive issues of grief, mental health, and personal identity are brought to light in the Surviving Hope series for young adults.
LOS ANGELES - Oct. 11, 2018 - -- In these times of unbalanced healthcare and Opioid addictions throughout the country, a compelling story will unfold on stage to bring awareness of these crises through one woman's pain and loss.
Rethink Mental Health Incorporated opens programs to combat the stigmatization and discrimination of people suffering from mental health issues.
White Paper Highlights New Approach to Strengthen Mental Health Outcomes
White Paper Highlights New Approach to Strengthen Mental Health Outcomes