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1970s Version of New Coming of Age Story Released as eBook (Kindle & Kobo)

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Author B Shawn Clark's BRICKS - What Little Girls are NOT made of - takes a fresh look at an age-old tale of panicked teenage love as practiced in the lost decade of the 1970s.

LARGO, Fla. - s4story -- In a decidedly R-rated recounting of teenage romance as experienced in the seaside town of Largo, Florida during the 1970s, BRICKS - What Little Girls are NOT Made of, has author B Shawn Clark taking his readers on what at first blush is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who came of age almost 50 years ago, but that is, in fact, another telling of the story in a long line of such fables going back to the time of Shakespeare, each seasoned with a little different flavoring on what is, according to Clark, in essence, a  story that is equal parts fact and fiction.

"In true Groundhog Day fashion, when it is our time, we all emerge from the den of childhood into the adult world and have the same sort of experience, each generation feeling different variations on a familiar emotional theme, shaped by the prevailing ethos of the age into which we become emergent adults," says Clark.

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Based loosely on what Clark himself describes as sometimes faulty recollections of real events, BRICKS is a memoir of sorts that introduces young readers of today to a place where their forebears lived when THEY were that age: where children were turning into adults, hormones raged, school was a drag, and where a double standard applied as between girls and boys - especially when it comes to sex.

As for the title, according to its website, it derives from a true-to-life incident when a young man discovers why his mom called his first real girlfriend a "brick shithouse".


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