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A.J. the Three Legged Dog Goes Surfing

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Inspiring story about a dog how overcomes adversity of losing his leg.

HILO, Hawaii - s4story -- A.J. The Three Legged Dog Goes Surfing
Imprint: Warren Publishing
On sale: October 10, 2021
Price: $11.99 Paperback $9.99 Kindle
Pages: 13
ISBN: 9798985106114

"If you ask A.J. how he lost his leg, he will tell you a different story every time."

Artists and University of Hawaii at Hilo graduates Karrieanne and Patrick Warren have written a children's book that aims to help children and families learn about dealing with an amputation. The book is based on their own dog A.J. who had his leg amputated when he was a puppy. Karrieanne and Patrick adopted him after his amputation, and do not know reason for his amputation. People always ask them how A.J. lost his leg, so the couple started making up stories. This led to the first A.J. The Three Legged Dog story.  Karrieanne and Patrick plan to continue writing stories about A.J. that teach children about physical therapy, setting boundaries, and overcoming adversity. No matter where you buy this book you are supporting local artists and local businesses. The book can be purchased in Hilo at Big Island Book Buyers, and Basically Books; in Kona at Kona Stories Book Store. It is also available on Amazon. By purchasing the book 20% of proceeds will go to the animal rescue and prosthetic centered charities.

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A.J. The Three Legged Dog Goes Surfing is about A.J. getting injured while surfing.  A.J. has his leg amputated and must work with his Doctor and Physical Therapist to regain his strength so he can continue surfing. The book is a quick read that is beautifully illustrated.

Reviewed on October 10, 2021
Susan Tower writes: Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and sometimes it's very scary. A.J. helps us realize that life goes on and we can continue on in a new way. I can see how this teaches and empowers kids to realize that sometimes life happens, you may be different and it's OK. You are going to be OK. I love this little book and its illustrations.


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