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Anton R. Williams, Energy Heir & Inheritor of Over $300 Million Dollars Makes Green Investments

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KALAMAZOO, Mich. - s4story -- Anton R. Williams a West Michigan business owner and philanthropist is adding new investments to renewable energy through an unlikely source, oil and gas wells. The Anton R Williams Holding Company of Kalamazoo MI and the Anton R. Williams Foundation of Grand Rapids already invest in solar, wind and critical minerals for alternative energy production and consumption. The Anton R. Williams Trust, which the founder Anton R. Williams owns, is using some of its estimated $300 million - $700 million portfolio, to finance and operation the production. The trust assets include ownership of over 1,000 manufacturing and logistics facilities nationwide in addition to its proceeds is secured, restricted and monitored by law enforcement according to legal records.

The new projects will comprise of the operations to produce hydrogen from residual minerals in oil and gas wells through out the United States. The deployment of carbon capture and storage technology will reduce carbon emissions from existing production. The energy sourced from hydrogen through existing oil and gas facilities has the potential to provide a new platform for energy production. Proceeds from the new project will also be re-invested into renewable energy operations.

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The Anton R. Williams Holding Company (ARWHC) was established by its namesake founder to ease efficiency of operations in various industries. ARWHC company owns over 1,000 renewable energy, oil and gas manufacturing and logistics facilities throughout the U.S. but mostly concentrated in the southern states where the founder inherited a large amount of his assets. The bulk of the net worth of the founder, Anton R.Williams which is variously estimated to be between $300 million to $700 million USD on account of judicial and transactional records, is largely a result of the inheritance including the 1,000+ manufacturing and logistics facilities nationwide from the Anton R.Williams Trust and Anton R Williams Holding Company of Kalamazoo MI. The Anton R. Williams Trust is secured, restricted and monitored by law enforcement. The founder has used the inheritance as a financial source to create new renewable energy products. Anton himself is a 9th generation real estate heir. His family business operations began in real estate with operations of a David Williams from England to Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. The family has had 9 generations of millionaire including Archie P. Williams from Natchez MS, who was an heir of David, mixed race plantation owner and executive in the era of slavery in the 1800s. The bulk of the Archie P. Williams Holdings were also passed successively though the generations with his great great great grandson, Anton R. Williams being the majority owner. Archie P. Williams originated the family investment into the energy industry space with oil and gas production and the Anton R Williams Holding Company is leading its transition to greater usage of renewable energy.

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