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'Around the World in More Than 80 Days' with Larry Alex Taunton

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Larry Alex Taunton is an American author, columnist, and cultural commentator. He shares insights on his latest book, 'Around the World in More Than 80 Days'.

s4story -- Meet Larry Alex Taunton, a frequent television and radio guest. He has appeared on CNN, CNN International, Fox News, Al Jazeera America, and BBC. You can find his columns on issues of faith and culture in The Atlantic, USA Today, CNN.com, and The Blaze. Taunton has been quoted by Rush Limbaugh, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, TIME, Vanity Fair, and NPR, among others. He is the author of "The Grace Effect" and "The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Join Larry as he presents his latest observations and travel adventures with Kreative Circle (KC).

Here's an excerpt from the conversation:

KC: Larry, Welcome to Kreative Circle. You're a celebrated award-winning author, freelance columnist, and producer among several roles you host. If you have to choose between writing more books or producing more speaking engagements, which one would you choose and why?

LAT: Thank you, Sasha. I love writing. The speaking engagements are popular, but they are best, in my view, when they are an outgrowth of something that I have written.

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KC: Fixed Point Foundation publicly defends Christianity by empowering Christians and challenging skeptics. The foundation invests its resources in speakers, hosting events and sharing faith based material. What led to the inception of this respectable organization that is recognized as a fair and sensible platform for exploring faith from different perspectives while maintaining the integrity of Christianity?

LAT: I cut my teeth in an academic setting. There, as now in the public space, there was very little room for real, fair, sustained dialogue. It was hard to hear ideas as those presenting them were marginalized and their ideas politicized. We needed a space for the development of ideas, for conversation, to "reason together," to use a biblical phrase. Thus, Fixed Point was born. In recent weeks as I and many other Americans have grown frustrated with presidential and vice presidential debates where the moderators confuse their role with that of participants, I have again wondered if Fixed Point doesn't need to facilitate these kinds of discussions once again.

(Visit www.kreativecircle.com to read the complete interview).

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