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Google chrome a free Web browser, It offers Google sites and services, such as YouTube and Gmail, and manage resources differently than other browsers. It loads and displays very fast than other browsers, it is very simple to use. It loads and displays pages very quickly. You may have used so many browsers but Google chrome is faster and easier to use than other browsers.

It is safe browsing feature protects you from downloading malware and it will alert you when you are about to visit the website that is known to be harmful.


:- Chrome is very fast, it is quick to start from your desktop, load web pages. Chrome takes second to install, chrome is faster than Explorer and Firefox. You can search anything very fast for songs, video or anything and download it also.

Simplicity:- Chromes browser window is clean and simple. It has startup pages that lists the most frequent pages you have visited and allows you to click and access them with ease, It has voice search also. You can search anything quickly and simple way. You can drag tabs out into separate windows and You can search the internet through your address bar at any time. We can use it in mobile phone also. It takes as the same time to search anything in mobile as Computer.

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Security:- Chrome is designed to keep you safe and more secure. If you close the browser by mistake chrome will close all the tab without warning. Googleffers many security advantages of its own, the browser's incognito private browsing mode that prevents the websites from using the tracking cookies and recording your browsing history.

Crashes:- If the site crashes one of your tab of Google Chrome, other open tabs will not be affected. You may browse the internet without being logged using chrome's new private feature.


Google Chrome use up a lot of memory when running it, if you close browser by mistake, it will close all the open tabs without warning. It has no longer the faster browser on several benchmarks. Chrome is not as configurable as Firefox, there is no way to configure your navigation bar other than toggling the home button and showing extension buttons. Extensions have way less power over adding more advanced feature your browser and you can not use user styles on Chrome itself. Themes can't change the icons of Chrome's buttons.Getting more information about browser visit this lin
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